COVID-19 Guidelines

Client and Transferee Counseling

Please follow the following guidelines when preparing for your move:

  • Customers/residents must wipe down all surfaces/counter tops prior to the mover’s arrival
  • Customers/residents must allow at minimum 6’ distance from the crews while in the home
  • If anyone in the home is exhibiting any signs of illness or has been sick in the previous 14 days, it will be necessary to reschedule the services until such time as there has been at least 14 days from last sign of illness.
  • If the driver or crew encounter anyone at residence that is, in their sole judgment, exhibiting signs of illness, they will not enter the home, and service will be postponed.
  • If anyone in the home is in a high-risk category including older adults, or individuals with serious underlying chronic medical conditions such as heart or lung disease or diabetes, it may be prudent to reschedule the services to avoid unnecessary interactions.
  • Customers/residents must open all doors to all rooms in the home, including closet doors, basement doors etc.

Movers are taking the following precautions:

  • Wiping down inside of cab each night and each morning.
  • Wiping down all door latches, handles, and locks on truck and trailer.
  • Continuous crew dispatch, not intermingling crews and workers.
  • Practicing social distancing while in residence or warehouse
  • Frequent hand washing or wearing of gloves
  • Crews are staying home if they have any symptoms