7 Important Things We Forget To Do When Moving

7 Important Things We Forget To Do When Moving

November 26, 2018

Even when we are not preparing to move, most people have a million things on their minds. Since moving is often the start of a new life adventure, it often has many exciting qualities to it. However, the process of moving usually triples (or more) the amount of “to do” tasks that we need to accomplish.
When moving day comes, most of us manage to remember the big ticket items, like ordering the truck for the right day or asking our friends to be at the new location to help with the unpacking process.

As much as we try, there are always some important tasks that we forget to take care of as the moving process progresses. Here are the top seven most commonly forgotten moving tasks and how to handle them:

  1. Transferring The Utilities

    The only time we really think of the utilities is when they are not working. Moving is a very busy time and there are just so many things to do. Many people forget to contact the utility companies to let them know to shut off the electricity, gas and cable at the old place and to get it all going again at the new homestead. Thankfully it doesn’t take most utilities much time to process your request, so as long as you let them know about a week in advance, you should be in great shape.

  2. Garbage

    Does your new residence have a private garbage company that you have to call to arrange for service? If you are moving to a municipal area and the city takes care of the garbage, then you have no worries. However, if your new place contracts with an independent refuse collector, you will want to make sure that you have service waiting for you when you arrive. You will have a lot of extra garbage after the move is over (think boxes and newspaper), so it’s going to be important to have garbage collection in place. Don’t forget also to cancel your old service contract too.

  3. Contact Everyone About Your New Address

    We all get a lot more mail than we realize and so many people and organizations know our address. Whether it’s the utilities, credit card companies, banks, auto loan company or your Aunt Gertrude in Toledo, make sure that everyone who mails you stuff is updated with your new address. Doing this will minimize the chance that any of your mail gets delayed.

  4. Forward Your Mail

    Ok, you have done a really good job letting everyone know that you will soon have a new address. There will sure to be some people or organizations that you forgot to inform. Having the United States Postal Service forward your mail (usually for about 6 months) is a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything. Take a trip down to the local post office in your old neighborhood and let them know when you are moving. Having your mail forwarded to the new place (even if someone uses your old address) will be extremely helpful.

  5. The Shed

    Most people are so focused on packing up the main house and garage, they forget about their possessions in the backyard storage shed. Many homeowners have spent years accumulating tools and gardening equipment and it would be a shame to leave those items behind. Be sure to take the time to inventory your shed and remove everything you will want to bring to the new place. Whether it be a lawnmower, tools, yard equipment or even the fertilizer spreader you only used once, pack it up so it can be utilized at the next place. Moving is also a great opportunity to get rid of some stuff that just isn’t useful anymore. Throw out any unneeded items before you go.

  6. Dry Cleaners & Shoe Repair

    If you have any clothing at the dry cleaners or shoes at the repair shop, be sure to pick them up before you leave. If you happen to be moving a good distance away, having to go back and pick these items up will be a chore. Call these businesses ahead of time to confirm if you have any items in their possession. Taking up most of a future Saturday to pick up your suit or those brown loafers is time that could be much better spent doing other things. Think ahead!

  7. Notify The Schools

    This one could be a biggie. If you happen to have school-aged children, it is very important that you let the old school know that you are moving and also inform the new district of the date in which your child will be joining them. Usually there is paperwork involved in leaving one school and transferring into another. In addition, letting the new school district know of your pending arrival can help them make your child’s assimilation into the new facility much smoother. These efforts will play a big role in your child’s successful adjustment to a new school environment. By giving plenty of advanced notice, the principal and teachers will have the chance to introduce your child to some of her new classmates.

Moving can be an exciting, but stressful time. Most people do just fine in remembering all the major aspects of the moving process. Despite our best efforts, there will be a number of tasks that will get neglected. By remembering some of the “to-do’s” highlighted in this blog, you will make the transition to your new place much more smooth, pleasant and enjoyable.

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