Corporate Storage Minneapolis

Corporate storage is often useful when businesses are moving employees to a new location. Since corporate moves often occur on tight schedules, employees may need more time to find a house. Keep their belongings safe for as long as they need with secure, climate-controlled corporate storage services from Piepho Moving & Storage.

Secure, Climate-Controlled Corporate Warehouse and Storage

Our corporate warehouse and storage facilities in Eagan, MN, Rochester, MN, and La Crosse, WI, are designed to meet top-of-the-line security standards to ensure the safety of your employees’ belongings. We incorporate the following measures to keep every item, no matter how valuable, secure at each of our sites:

  • U.S. military-approved security measures
  • No public access
  • Fire protection measures
  • Visitors accompanied by trained warehouse employees
  • Background checks completed on all staff

In addition, our facilities are climate controlled. That prevents damage no matter what the Midwest weather is like. No matter how long your employees need to keep their belongings in storage, they can feel confident that their possessions will be secure and undamaged when they need them.

Reliable Corporate Storage Solutions

Our premier corporate storage solutions, which take place in more than 100,000 square feet in multiple convenient locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, include flexibility and protection you cannot find in self-storage

Military-Grade Security

Our warehouse storage facilities in Eagan, MN, Rochester, MN and La Crosse, WI pass strict US military inspection standards for security and safety. These warehouses are located in secure lots, and are climate controlled. We even take the additional precaution of having our storage facilities fire protected. All of our employees must pass strict background checks, and accompany all visitors.


We help come up with a storage policy for your company that makes sense for your employees’ relocation moving needs, and works with your company’s budget.

Continuity of Coverage

Unlike self-storage, as long as your employees’ belongings are in our warehouse, they are covered by the same valuation that protects their belongings during their corporate relocation move. In the unlikely occurrence of damage, we make sure the claim is addressed quickly and hassle-free.


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