International Corporate Movers

Corporate moving can easily be handled on a global scale. Piepho Moving & Storage uses our connection as an Allied Van Lines agent to coordinate with affiliates in 130 countries. Worried that all of your possessions might get lost or damaged? Go online anytime and track the progress of your shipment. We also help you get settled into your new international residence once you arrive.

Our Corporate International Moving Services

Talk to us today about our corporate international moving services, including the following:

Packing and Preparing

Our expert packers will prepare your belongings for an international trip. This includes taking the requirements of customs into consideration so you can get your belongings through faster and into your new home more efficiently.


English-speaking crew leaders assist your employees upon delivery of their items to minimize miscommunications and create an effortless process that makes your employees feel at home.

School Placement

We use our international access to connect employees with school placement resources. That can help them find the right schools for their children to help them get settled into a routine more quickly.

Work Visas

We can also connect employees with the work visa process. That can help them become eligible to continue their work in their new country with fewer hiccups and delays.

Assistance With Customs Paperwork

We help you fill out and manage the customs paperwork. Our experts are familiar with the customs process and equipped to help you navigate it quickly, efficiently, and easily so you can get your possessions home.

Language Assistance at New Location

If an international corporate move means relocating to a place that speaks a different language, our premier moving services can include language assistance. We leverage our network to connect your employees with the help they need becoming familiar with their location's language and getting communications off to a great start.

Tax Assistance

Some corporate moves can earn your employees tax benefits. We can help employees get the appropriate paperwork to ensure that things go smoothly at tax time.

Cultural Awareness Classes

We help your employees settle into their new country with cultural awareness classes. These classes educate employees on cultural norms and make new relationships and daily habits easier to manage in their new location.

Corporate International Movers

In today’s fast-paced business world, planning a corporate relocation as an employer can be costly and time consuming. For employees moving to a new location with a lump sum, managing the details of your transfer is also difficult, especially when you have family life and your career to juggle. The corporate moving experts at Piepho Moving & Storage are here to ease that pressure. We have years of experience assisting companies and transferees with corporate moves and our personal move coordinators are here for you to make the process easy and time-efficient.

Best Customer Service in International Moving

What does our award-winning customer service mean to your business? We help your employees focus on their work by focusing on their move for them. With assistance every step of the way, we turn a huge relocation into a streamlined and manageable process so they, and you, can get back to doing business faster.


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