Allied Receives the 2023 Women’s Choice Award

Allied Receives the 2023 Women's Choice Award

February 2, 2024

As a premier agent of Allied Van Lines, Piepho is proud to announce that Allied is the winner of the 2023 Women’s Choice Award as a 9 out of 10 Customer Recommended Moving Company brand.

This award, which Allied has won every year since 2015, demonstrates the excellence with which Allied, and its agents, serve women (and men) clients throughout their relocations.

Our network is worldwide, but our focus is on each individual move,” says Colin Piepho. “We give every single client the undivided attention, care and resources that they need to create a seamless move.”

Agents like Piepho are an integral part of Allied’s network. We are proud to be able to offer our customers access to Allied’s worldwide network, while taking care of everything they need for their move.

Piepho Moving & Storage has been one of the industry’s finest companies for more than 70 years,” says Colin Piepho. “Part of our success comes from partnering with Allied’s reliable, customer-focused approach to moving, which allows us to offer our clients any storage or moving service they require, even if they are moving internationally.”

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