How to Select Moving Boxes and Packing Materials

How to Select Moving Boxes and Packing Materials

February 14, 2017

How to pack your household belongings like a pro

Your Guide to Selecting Moving Boxes and Packing Materials

Your residential move is scheduled and the moving date is circled on your calendar. In preparation for the big day, you know you’ll need supplies such as moving boxes and packing materials to pack up your belongings. But it gets a little more complicated from there. Our Twin Cities area office fields calls from St. Paul across to St. Louis Park, and one of the more common questions we get asked is “What kinds of boxes and packing materials do I need for my move?”

This is a great question because using the proper types of boxes and packing materials is important regardless of whether you are using Minneapolis – St. Paul moving companies, or packing and moving all of your own belongings. The supplies you choose can help keep your belongings well-protected and better organized.

First, a general rule of thumb you’ll hear from every moving company: the heavier the item, the smaller the box. For example, imagine those kettle balls sitting in your basement. Would anyone want to carry a large box full of heavy weights? No way! Here’s a guide to help you pack smarter and choose the right box for every situation.

Moving Boxes

Small or Book Box (1.5 cu. ft. cartons)

Ideal for heavier or small items, like those kettle balls. Moving companies with experienced packers will use these boxes, for example, for packing up living room items like DVDs and books, and in the kitchen for non-perishable liquids and cans of food.

Medium Box (3.0 cu. ft. cartons)

This tends to be the go-to box for moving companies in Minneapolis – St. Paul. These are good medium-sized utility cartons that are great for packing a variety of household goods, including toys, pots and pans, smaller appliances and clothes.

Large Box (4.5 cu. ft. cartons)

Moving services will use many of these large boxes. They are perfect for bulky but lightweight items like linens, pillows and comforters.


These double-wall cartons serve as the perfect packing material for dishes because they offer extra protection. You’ll need dishpacks when packing everyday dishes, china, pottery, crystal, serving platters and other fragile items in your house.


Placed inside dishpacks, the dividers offer even more protection and stability for your fragile belongings.

Mirror cartons

Do it yourself packers in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area often overlook these important specialty boxes. They protect larger framed pictures, diplomas, mirrors and other wall hangings. Good moving services will wrap your wall hanging in a packing material such as paper padding before placing it in the carton.

Mattress cartons

These are available for king/queen, double, twin (single) and crib size mattresses, as well as for box springs. Moving companies use mattress boxes to protect against dust, dirt, and exposure to the sometimes harsh weather we get in Minneapolis – St. Paul.

Wardrobe cartons

Transporting your clothes has never been easier. This specialty carton is designed with a built-in bar so you can keep your hanging clothes hanging!

Packing Materials For Moving

Stretch wrap

This is a clear plastic “cling wrap” movers use to wrap furniture such as sofas, sectionals, couches or overstuffed chairs, and keep them from stains, snags and other surface damage.

Moving pads

These ‘blankets’ protect furniture from nicks and scratches. Movers use moving blankets for items like wood furniture and large appliances.


When you hire a professional Minneapolis – St. Paul moving company, the packers will bring paper to use as packing material for a number of different household items such as dishes, glassware and other small or breakable belongings. Movers also use it as filler to pad empty spaces in boxes.

Paper pads

Moving companies use three-ply paper sheets for protecting artwork from dust, dirt and light scratches.

You can pack your belongings like a pro! As Allied Van Lines agents, your local Piepho Moving & Storage offers all the moving boxes and packing materials that we use every day when moving your neighbors in Minneapolis – St. Paul. We can help you determine what kinds of boxes to use, what packing materials you’ll need for your move and how much to have on hand to be ready for the big moving day. Call our office at 800-622-4515 to find out how easy it is to get the right moving boxes and packing materials for your move.

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