How To Successfully Move from Minneapolis To Omaha NE

How To Successfully Move from Minneapolis To Omaha NE

January 23, 2024

Embarking on a journey from the cool vibes of Minneapolis to the charming city of Omaha, Nebraska? Well, get ready to soak in the southwest feels! It’s not a very long-distance move, as the distance between states is only 377 miles. But hey, whether it’s a hop or a skip, moving can be a bit of a stress fest.

The change of landscape, weather, and culture can be daunting in the first place, but not so if you plan your move from Minneapolis to Omaha NE carefully. Check out these nifty tips to make your relocation a smooth ride.

Book a moving company

No move is successful without a good moving company by your side. To ensure the safe delivery of your belongings to the other side of the country, start by gathering free quotes from moving companies that serve the area.

Thus, the first step to successfully move from Minneapolis to Omaha is to finalize a moving company. This will reduce a lot of weight on your shoulders and allow you to focus on other aspects of moving.
Aerial View of Downtown Omaha, Nebraska in Autumn

Finalize your stay in Omaha

Next – job situation. Are you all set with a gig in Omaha, or is the job hunt kicking off post-move? Are you getting rented premises in Omaha from your employer? Settling in permanently or temporarily in Omaha? Would you prefer renting or owning a property in Omaha, Nebraska?

Once you have clear answers to the above questions, you can search for accommodations in Omaha. If you have preplanned your accommodation, this will save you extra expenses you would otherwise spend on hotel bookings. It will also save on warehousing expenses added to your moving costs for storing your belongings once they reach Omaha.

Thus, you can begin by researching the safest neighborhoods in Omaha beforehand. You can also consider finding an appropriate stay near your workplace (if you have one). If you have children, choosing a location near schools and playgrounds may be beneficial. Some of Omaha’s safest neighborhoods include West Omaha, Dundee, Benson, and Aksarben.

Get familiar with Omaha’s extreme weather conditions

Moving to Omaha can be hard if you are unaware of the weather in Omaha. Depending on your moving month, you should prepare well for Omaha’s extreme weather conditions, especially for the winter.

Omaha enjoys all four seasons in the extreme. The coldest month is January, which also experiences snowfalls up to 30 inches. Omaha is also known for harsh winds in the summer (tornadoes) and chilly winds in the winter. If you love white Christmas, Omaha is a great place to be. The hottest month is July, with the highest temperature of 86 degrees F. You can further experience rain around the year as it remains cloudy throughout.

In short, plan your packing depending on the month you are relocating to to prevent weather woes.

Start decluttering before packing

The art of packing can make a lot of difference in making a move successful. The more organized and systematic you pack, the easier it will be to settle in the new city.

The key to efficient packing is to declutter and downsize. Especially if you are moving from a 3BHK apartment to a 2BHK apartment, decluttering becomes more essential. Stop purchasing new items before the move. Start packing early, and do not leave everything to the packers and movers.

Sort your items and pack room by room. Also, don’t forget to pack a separate essentials box that you would need immediately upon arrival, like a few kitchen items, clothes, bathroom utilities, bedding, etc.
A neighborhood surrounded by trees next to the highway in Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Have a look at Omaha’s cost of living and housing prices

You cannot afford to be broke in a new city. Therefore, having a rough idea of Omaha’s living expenses will provide a sense of direction before you choose to spend mindlessly.

Luckily, you are moving from a city with a high cost of living to one with a comparatively low cost of living. Omaha’s cost of living is 7% lower than the national average, whereas Minneapolis’s cost of living is 2% lower than the national average. Though not a major difference, the salary you would be earning in Minneapolis would also be sufficient for living a good life in Omaha.

Whether you rent or buy a house in Omaha depends on your salary, the length of your stay, and other factors. However, housing prices in Omaha aren’t cheaper and are considered good for selling properties. Renting a property in Omaha may, therefore, be a more affordable choice.

Prepare for the day of arrival in Omaha

In the rush of things, you may forget to prepare for the day of arrival.

Things would be much easier if you had already found a furnished apartment in Omaha. However, you may still need to check the availability of electricity, laundry, light fittings, smoke detector batteries, heating and cooling systems, and other things necessary for a smooth transition to the new place.

Arrange the phone numbers of important professional services in advance to save yourself from surprises. Also, don’t unpack all at once. This is the biggest mistake many newcomers make. It’s advisable to unpack strategically as and when you need things. Opening all the boxes at once will create chaos that will be too much to handle. Don’t tire yourself; unpack only the essential items for the first few days.
happy couple with friends eating at restaurant

Explore food options nearby

In the beginning, dining out or dialing up for delivery may be the best route while you get that kitchen space in order. While you can pack some snacks for mid-day snacking, having a list of the best food places in Omaha will make things smoother. No doubt, nobody has time for hangry vibes.

Omaha is known for its culinary experiences. It is famous for its steak and is also known as the steak capital of Nebraska. There are plenty of food options, such as steakhouses, burger joints, sandwiches, Italian dishes, and more. Bon appétit in Omaha!

Know how to get around Omaha

The success of the move extends beyond your arrival in Omaha. The true challenges begin after that, like how you will get around Omaha. For this, you should be well aware of the transportation system there.

Omaha is known for its flexible public transportation system. It is also a commute-friendly state. You can also own a car in Omaha and never regret it. You can also commute through its expansive and diverse bus services and rapid transit system, the Metropolitan Area Transit System (MAT). Otherwise, you can always ride a cab, as Omaha has Uber, Lyft, and Jayride as ridesharing services.

Get, Set, Go!

Ready to make that Minnesota to Iowa move a breeze? Say hello to Piepho Moving and Storage! With a whopping 70 years of expertise and the proud backing of Allied Van Lines, we know what all it takes to execute a seamless and comfortable move. Contact us today for a free quote, and let the journey begin!

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