10 Things to Take Care of When Moving From Minnesota to Nebraska

10 Things to Take Care of When Moving From Minnesota to Nebraska

October 12, 2023

Moving to the Cornhusker State from Minnesota? It’s a great decision, irrespective of whether you’re moving for professional or personal reasons. Nebraska is home to some of the most marvelous natural wonders in the US and a deep cultural heritage.

But as anyone who has switched states will tell you, moving to a new state is always a lot of work. There are dozens of things to care for, and things keep piling up. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can smoothly transition from Minnesota to Nebraska by KISSing or keeping-it-sweet-and-simple. Here, it means taking care of the major tasks that are too significant to ignore.

Below, we will explain 10 musts you should take care of when moving from Minnesota to Nebraska.

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1.    Create a moving checklist

For pilots, it is mandatory to go through a checklist provided to them before taking off. This is irrespective of their experience or rank. Only after ticking off all the items in the checklist are they allowed to take off. The checklist helps keep things organized and accountable in the airline industry.

You should adopt a similar approach when making the move to Nebraska. Beware that you’ll be crammed with things to do as the moving date approaches. In such an environment, it’s easy to let tasks slip through. A checklist ensures you’re on the right path and haven’t forgotten anything at the last minute.

A checklist should cover every aspect of your life, from rent to utility bills to packaging to address change applications. Make it as comprehensive as possible.

2.    Take a tour of the city and neighborhood you’re moving in

Many people arrive straight at the new location without knowledge of the surroundings. This is like CJ from GTA San Andreas starting in the middle of the city with no knowledge. As a player, you must explore what’s near you to get started. As you explore, you get familiar with the city and complete your missions.

So don’t land in Nebraska with zero knowledge. Familiarize yourself with the new city and neighborhood at least once. The states are close to one another and even share many sporting rivalries. You can fly in and return on the same day.

If that’s not possible for some reason, take the help of Google Street View and read blogs and real-life stories.

3.    Take care of address change before moving

On the surface, changing address may not sound as important as other tasks like packaging an antique piece. Well, that may be true. But don’t leave the address change to the very end. You should get it done before moving to Nebraska while still in Minnesota.

That’s because you don’t want important documents or parcels to arrive at your old home after you’ve left, and there’s no one to receive them. The back-and-forth you’d have to go to obtain the returned document may not be worth the effort.

It’s also worth noting that it takes time to reflect the change of address in your documents and the agencies’ systems. So, by the time it’s reflected, they may have already shipped something to your old Minnesota address.

4.    Get your finances and paperwork in order

Budget planning is one of the main tasks to check before packing your bags to Nebraska. Moving to another state will attract expenses. And the expenses are likely to continue for weeks and months after you move in.

Therefore, create a budget for the move and ensure you have cash or available credit. Consider using a cost-of-living calculator when creating a budget to get your estimates right.

In addition to the finances, you should also get your paperwork in order. Get the rental agreement or house transfer agreement signed before moving in. Do the same for vehicles, utilities, professional licenses, and employer relocation assistance, among other tasks requiring paperwork.

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5.    Understand the tax differences

Every state has a different tax structure. And that’s no different for Nebraska. When moving into the state from Minnesota, familiarize yourself with the Nebraska tax laws.

Here’s a quick overview of taxes in the Cornhusker state:

  • Personal income tax is between 2.46% to 6.84% and is applicable as per the tax bracket.
  • Capital gains tax is levied when a sale of capital assets is made. The state uppermost tax is 6.8%, and the combined uppermost tax is 29.1%.
  • The combined sales tax is 6.89%.
  • Fuel excise tax is around 28 cents per gallon.
  • Corporate income tax is between 5.58% to 7.81%.
  • Property tax is 1.65% of the home value.

Tax rates are subject to change, and you should keep yourself updated.

6.    Avoid moving during the winters

Winters in Nebraska are long, cold, and dry. Especially November, December, and January are extremely cold, with constant snowfall. The average snowfall the state receives is between 20 and 40 inches.

The cold is accompanied by strong breezes, which can bring down trees and block roads. Therefore, it’s advised to avoid moving to Nebraska from November through March. Summer and spring are considered the ideal months to make a move.

7.    Be prepared for a millennial-driven society

The median age of the Cornhusker state is 37 years, making it a state of Millennials. This contrasts Minnesota, which is getting older with a median age of 38.4.

The state also sees an influx of young people because of the healthy economy and availability of jobs. This means you’ll be surrounded by young, energetic folks who love to live life to the fullest.

8.    Inform your family and friends before moving to Nebraska

Although not required, keeping your family and friends informed about your move is a good practice. There are two good reasons for this.
First, your close circle will stay informed on your movement and can assist you in the process. They can chip in with recommendations, tips, and advice on how to make your life easier in Nebraska.
And second, they may be able to link you with someone who already lives in the state. These connections are invaluable and can help you in various ways.

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9.    Sort and label your belongings

Packaging your belongings is half the job done. The other half is sorting and labeling. This will prevent misplacements and allow the moving company to handle the items better.

A few weeks before the move, sort through your belongings and double-check if everything is in order. If you haven’t already, label every box, especially those with delicate or expensive articles.

10. Hire a reliable moving company

Lastly, you’d have to hire a moving company to get your stuff from Minnesota to Nebraska. Depending on the city you’re moving into, the average distance is around 580 miles. MN-23E connects the two states, and driving through it can be challenging.

Therefore, to ensure the total safety of your belongings, you should look for a reliable mover with experience in inter-state travel. The best companies may also assist you with packaging, relocation, insurance, and other tasks.

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