10 Musts When Moving from Minnesota To South Dakota

10 Musts When Moving from Minnesota To South Dakota

April 16, 2024

Moving from the Land of 10,000 Lakes to the Mount Rushmore State involves more than just packing your belongings and hitting the road. South Dakota offers a unique blend of natural beauty, historical landmarks, and a growing economy that can be quite appealing for those looking to relocate. As you prepare for your move from Minnesota to South Dakota, here are 10 must-know tips to help you transition smoothly:

Mount Rushmore National Memorial,Black Hills region of South Dakota, USAEmbrace the Great Outdoors

Embrace the Great Outdoors South Dakota’s natural beauty is vast and varied. You’ll want to explore the iconic Black Hills National Forest, which offers over 1.2 million acres of forested hills and mountains perfect for outdoor activities. The Custer State Park, with its roaming bison herds, and scenic drives like Needles Highway, promises breathtaking experiences. The state is also a fisherman’s paradise, with prime fishing spots in the Missouri River, which cuts through the state offering walleye, bass, and trout.

Get Ready for a Milder Climate

Get Ready for a Milder Climate Though both states experience cold winters, South Dakota’s are generally less severe than Minnesota’s. However, the western part of South Dakota can experience harsher winters due to its higher elevation. Summer temperatures can soar, so prepare for hot days, especially if you’re moving to areas like Pierre or Rapid City. Spring brings rapid changes with the possibility of snowstorms or warm weather, while fall is usually mild and dry, perfect for enjoying the autumn foliage.

Enjoy Lower Cost of Living

The cost of living in South Dakota is one of the lowest in the nation. You’ll find that your dollar stretches further, whether you’re buying groceries, paying for healthcare, or filling up your gas tank. Housing is particularly more affordable; for example, the median home cost in Sioux Falls is significantly lower than in Minneapolis. This affordability extends to various other expenses, allowing for a comfortable lifestyle.

No State Income Tax

One of the financial perks of living in South Dakota is the absence of state income tax, which can lead to considerable savings. This is particularly beneficial for those looking to maximize their retirement savings or for entrepreneurs seeking to start a business without the added tax burden.

Explore Job Opportunities

Aerial View of Castlewood, South Dakota which is home to Governor Kristi Noem

South Dakota’s job market is flourishing, with Sioux Falls leading as a regional healthcare and financial services hub. The state’s agricultural sector remains robust, with opportunities in farming and related industries. Additionally, the tourism industry around the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore provides seasonal and full-time employment options.

Prepare for a Rural Lifestyle

Be prepared for a lifestyle shift if you’re moving from Minnesota’s urban centers to South Dakota’s rural heartlands. While cities like Sioux Falls and Rapid City offer urban conveniences, much of the state is characterized by small towns. This can mean fewer shopping centers, entertainment options, and dining venues, but it also translates to less traffic and a close-knit community feel.

Discover Rich Cultural Heritage

South Dakota’s history is deeply intertwined with Native American tribes such as the Sioux. The state’s heritage can be explored through visits to sites like the Wounded Knee Memorial and the annual powwows that celebrate Native American culture. The state also has a rich pioneer history, with landmarks like Deadwood, known for its Gold Rush-era architecture.

Consider the Education System

For those moving with children, it’s important to investigate the local schools. While South Dakota may not have the same concentration of educational institutions as Minnesota, there are quality schools throughout the state. Higher education options include the well-regarded South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and Augustana University, among others.

Connect with the Community

South Dakotans are known for their hospitality. Engaging with your new community can be as simple as attending local events like the Sioux Falls JazzFest or the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Volunteering at local organizations or joining clubs can also help you build a network of friends and acquaintances.

Plan Your Move with Professionals

A successful move requires careful planning and execution. Piepho Moving & Storage offers comprehensive moving services, including packing, loading, and transportation. Our team can handle the logistics of your move, whether you’re bringing a household of belongings or special items like pianos or antiques.

With over 70 years of experience and as an agent for Allied Van Lines, we offer reliable and efficient moving services to help you relocate to South Dakota with ease.

As you prepare for your move to South Dakota, remember that a little preparation goes a long way. With these tips and the support of a trusted moving company like Piepho Moving & Storage, you’ll be ready to start your new chapter in the Mount Rushmore State. Contact us today to learn more about our moving services and to receive a free quote for your relocation.

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