DYI Home Improvements To Make Before Moving In

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A young couple painting their living room togetherPacking up your old house and managing the moving process can be extremely complicated. Most people never even think about making any changes to their new residence until they are settled there for a while. However, it might be a very good idea to start any home improvement activities at your new house before you actually move in, assuming that you have access to the property. Here are some great tips about what DYI projects to work on while your new place is still empty.


Repainting a room that is free of furniture, bookcases or beds is a much easier task than having to move  all of your stuff to the center of the room or down the hall. Painting an empty room is much faster and you will not have to worry about spilling paint on your couch or putting tarps over everything.

Fixing Walls & Replacing Carpeting/Flooring

This one might be the most obvious DYI project to start before you move into your new home. Walls can be patched much more efficiently when you have complete access to them. In addition, since a room has to be empty before new carpeting or flooring can be installed, the job is much easier to do before the moving truck arrives. Putting in new floors or carpeting beforehand will prevent you from having to move the same furniture twice.

Change The Locks   

Changing your door locks does not involve moving any furniture around, but it is an important task with respect to your personal safety. New homeowners have no way of knowing how many copies of keys are floating around or who has them. Take a quick trip to the hardware store and change the locks on each door. This will be sure to bring you some peace of mind as you get settled in the new place.

Fix The Roof  

A leaking roof can do a great deal of damage to not only interior walls, carpets and flooring, but also couches, bookcases and beds. Before you move your belongings into a new home, be sure that the roof is watertight. Having an inspector come out and check on the condition of shingles and flashing will pay big dividends in the long run.

So What DIY Projects Should You Tackle Before The Move..?

Thinking about starting remodeling protects on your new home even before you move in can be daunting, especially when you are still in the throes of packing up and getting ready to leave your old residence. However if you can manage it, there are a lot of advantages of finishing some DYI tasks at the new place before the moving truck arrives. By painting empty rooms, patching walls, replacing or refinishing flooring, all without furniture in the way will prevent a lot of extra work from having to be done. In addition, make sure your roof doesn’t need any attention and for safety sake change your locks before move in day. Visit Piepho Moving & Storage today for more information regarding moving to or from Minneapolis – St. Paul or Wisconsin! FREE MOVING QUOTES AVAILABLE AT ANY TIME.

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Happy Moving! 🙂 

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