Online Electronic Check Payment

In order to proceed to the online electronic check payment system, please read the following and select the box “I agree to the terms and conditions” at the bottom of this page.

I authorize this transaction and agree that Piepho Moving & Storage, Inc. may convert this transaction into an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) via ACH transaction and to debit the bank account for the amount specified. Additionally, in the event this EFT is returned unpaid, a service fee, as allowable by law, will be charged to this account via EFT or ACH. Additional charges, if any, may be handled on a COD basis at destination. I understand that Title 49 of the US Code dictates that motor carriers must collect all transportation charges in accordance with their published tariffs. Under Federal Law, the obligation to collect transportation charges is separate and distinct from the claims handling procedure. Any refund is subject to an audit by our accounting department.

In the event you chose to revoke this authorization, please do so by contacting Piepho Moving & Storage, Inc. directly at 507.289.4515. Please note that processing times may not allow for revocation of this authorization.

This transaction may take up to five (5) business days to process. I understand the transaction must be completed prior to the first day of my delivery spread. If Piepho Moving & Storage has not received the funds by the first day of my delivery spread, I will be required to utilize an alternate payment method.