Best Neighborhoods to Move to in Minneapolis

Best Neighborhoods to Move to in Minneapolis

November 3, 2020

Moving into the city can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You’ll need to decide what neighborhood you want to live in, which can be a difficult task. Urban neighborhoods breathe life into a city with different cultures, foods, businesses, history and much more.

Piepho Moving & Storage has been helping families move into neighborhoods in the Minneapolis area for over 70 years. We provide professional residential moving services to make your family relocation easy and hassle-free. Whether you’re making a local, long distance or even an international move to the Twin Cities, we can help. As an Allied Van Lines agent, we have a network that is available anywhere in the world. Our team also specializes in helping businesses relocate to Minneapolis. Talk to us about our corporate moving services and put down roots in a beautiful city.

To help you find that perfect spot for your home or business, we’ve created a list of some of the best neighborhoods in Minneapolis to move to.

Best Neighborhoods in Minneapolis

  1. Ericsson Minneapolis –

    Located on the southeast side of the city, Ericsson is one of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Only four years ago, Redfin named Ericsson one of top 10 the hottest neighborhoods in the country because of its accessibility and affordability. The neighborhood has only continued to improve since then.

    Young professionals and their families have chosen Ericsson to call home and it’s easy to see why with a wide variety of coffee shops, restaurants and entertainment options available. Attractive architecture without an overly expensive price tag and a convenient METRO Blue Line stop has also drawn new residents in recent years.

  2.  Fulton Minneapolis

    Located on the south end of the city, Fulton has a lot to offer prospective residents. Good schools, parks facilities (including the Pershing Park Recreation Center) and bike paths are all appealing, as is the 50th & France commercial district that borders Edina. Over 175 retailers and professional businesses are in this area that is filled with numerous shoppers.

    Festivals, music and great dining earned Fulton the distinction of best neighborhood in Minneapolis for 2020, according to HomeSnacks.

  3.  Northeast Minneapolis –

    The Meet Minneapolis, Convention and Visitors Association describes Northeast Minneapolis as “a melting pot of change and preservation where cobblestone streets meet newly paved roads.” That description couldn’t be more accurate with a thriving cultural area of new business, residential growth, art, entertainment and nightlife.

    Northeast Minneapolis’ crown jewel is its Riverfront District, which showcases the area along the Mississippi River. Ample public transportation and a large assortment of places to eat and drink make this neighborhood one of the best to move to.

  4. Bryn Mawr Minneapolis –

    Bryn Mawr, just west of downtown, is the place to be for those who want to experience a city feel at a slightly slower pace. Over 650 acres of green space, lake, park and trail access is available, which locals say gives Bryn Mawr a “small-town charm while having access to some of the best urban and natural features of Minneapolis and the nearby suburbs.”

    Historic architecture provides eye-catching appeal and a strong business district brings in plenty of foot traffic to the area.

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