How to Successfully Move from Minneapolis to Sioux Falls, SD?

How to Successfully Move from Minneapolis to Sioux Falls, SD?

November 28, 2023

The ideal way to make a successful move from Minneapolis to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is to have a brief knowledge of the place you are moving to.

You may find it difficult to adjust to an entirely new city with its own culture, climate variations, and diverse needs. Familiarizing yourself with the city will help you stay prepared for the unknown.

This article will help you understand what living in Sioux Falls, SD, is like. To begin with, Sioux Falls, SD, is just about 237 miles away from Minneapolis and takes around 4 hours of travel by car.

Here is more you should know before moving from Minneapolis to Sioux Falls, SD.

Cost of Living in Sioux Falls, SD

It is vital to know the cost of living in Sioux Falls before making the final move. Will your earnings provide you with a good standard of living in Sioux Falls? To answer the question, the cost of living in Sioux Falls isn’t expensive. It’s 3% lower than the state average and 8% lower than the national average.

In fact, it’s 15.3% cheaper than the cost of living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. But at the same time, the employers of Sioux Falls pay comparatively less than those of Minnesota. You will still find buying or renting a property in Sioux Falls affordable.

The median house price in Sioux Falls is $420,702, which is 7% lower than the national average. You can also rent a house starting at just $1,279 per month.

In short, Sioux Falls isn’t too hard to adjust to in terms of money. You can prepare your budget accordingly for a successful move.

Young couple unpacking cardboard boxes at new home.Moving house.Real estate.

Start Decluttering

A successful move not only depends on the city you are moving to and the moving company but also on your preparedness.

Once your move to Sioux Falls is final and you have booked a moving company, it’s time to start preparing for the actual move. The majority of moving stress is all about shifting your belongings. However, the fewer the belongings, the less the stress.

Therefore, decluttering is crucial for a successful move. You can donate the stuff (like furniture, books, clothes, and equipment) that is no longer used.

Relocating is the best time to declutter and carry light. This minimizes the moving costs and helps you quickly unpack and set up at the new place. You may initially not find any benefit in decluttering, but it’s a clever way to make your move less stressful and more successful.

Know the Sioux Falls Climate and Find a Place to Live

Have you considered the climate of the place you are moving to? Sioux Falls enjoys four seasons: hot summers, spring, fall, and cold and snowy winters. Winters are harsh in SD, with average lows of 10 degrees F.

However, if you are moving from Minnesota, the temperatures are not too foreign for you, as Minneapolis also experiences the same temperature drops in the winter.

Additionally, having a place to live for a successful move is crucial. Are you moving to premises offered by your employer? If yes, that’s a big task accomplished. If not, you must research the area close to your job before moving. You can buy a new home or rent a property, depending on your budget and how long you choose to stay in Sioux Falls.

Moving to a new place without ready accommodation will increase expenses and be more stressful. It’s recommended to have a place to live ready for a successful move.

Woman, phone call and remote work with laptop, conversation and communication with technology. Female freelance employee talking, working from home with networking or telemarketing, sales and telecomSettle Dues Before Moving

This is a crucial step in any commercial or residential move. Here is a checklist of all the things to be covered (which are often disregarded in the chaos of relocating):

  • Notify your move utility providers

Settle dues with all the utility providers in Minneapolis, like electricity, newspaper, water, gas, internet, and others (if any). As per availability, you can even get the connection transferred to your new place.

  • Update postal address

You can also get your postal address updated if you receive letters and deliveries. You should also update bank addresses through the app or by visiting the bank physically.

  • Notify schools and colleges

If you have kids, it’s also important to inform the school beforehand. You should also look into any transfer options that make it easier for kids to adjust to the missing lessons.

  • Update DL and vehicle registration

Moving from Minnesota to Sioux Falls will also require changing your vehicle license plates and registration, depending on the moving state rules. You may need to visit the local DMV office in Sioux Falls or search online to find the steps to update the new address and get new plates.

While you have to settle dues at the old place, you also have to look for utility setups at the new place. Make sure the new place has well-connected utilities like power, gas, internet, water, and laundry to ensure a smooth and successful move.

Know Sioux Falls Better

Home is where the heart is. To wholesomely accept Sioux Falls as your new home, you need to find ways that excite you. This involves a better understanding of the city’s culture, transportation, and entertainment options.

The average commute time in Sioux Falls is 18.5 minutes. The majority of the residents make use of their own vehicles to commute. If you have your vehicle, Sioux Falls will already be very viable. You can also commute by public transport, but a private vehicle (89.3%) is preferred here.

Indeed, weekends and holidays demand some outings with families. Sioux Falls has got it covered, as it is a complete holiday destination. You have a lot to explore, like Falls Park, the Sculpture Walk, bike trails, the Butterfly House and Aquarium, Good Earth State Park, and more than enough to cover many weekends on the stretch.

Falls Park, Sioux Falls, South DakotaHire a Reputed Moving Company

Well, no move is successful without the help of a good moving company. Make sure you research well and find a good moving company for a successful move.

Your moving company should provide a free quote and promise to compensate in case of damages. It should even provide storage services if you do not have a place to live in Sioux Falls as soon as you move. Finding a good moving company is half the job done and can ensure a successful move, no matter which part of the country you are moving to.

Piepho Moving & Storage is a reputed moving company with seventy years of rich experience. We are an esteemed agent for Allied Van Lines, ensuring seamless and effortless move on the go. Contact us today to get a free quote!

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