Top seven ways to save money on your move

Top seven ways to save money on your move

October 11, 2022

Top Seven Ways To Save Money On Your Move

One question our moving consultants and estimators often hear is “How do we reduce some of our costs so we can save some money on our move?”

So, we’ve come up with seven great money saving tips for your residential move.

    1. Time your move

If you can be flexible with your moving schedule, plan to move during the slower times of year for moving companies. This could be late fall through early spring. Even the time of the week can make a difference, with middle of the week moves costing less. For more details, take a look at video 9 in our series, When Is The Best Time To Move”

Furthermore, if you can be flexible with your movers regarding your move-out and move-in days, you may be able to get a discount. Talk with your mover about the discount available if you go with a three to five day pick up window, and a similar delivery window.

    1. Reduce the amount of items you want moved

De-clutter! Don’t take what you don’t need. The more household items you need to move, the higher your moving bill will be. Since local moves involve an hourly rate, and long-distance moves are priced by weight, as you reduce your number of boxes your cost goes down.

Think about this rule of thumb: if you haven’t used your ice-cream maker or worn those bell-bottoms for over a year, get rid of them! It may be time to have a garage sale or simply to give unused items away.

    1. Do your own packing

If you pack your own items, you can save money if you pack correctly and safely. Of course, you’ve got to weigh the time it will take and the concern that fragile items may get damaged. If you’re considering packing your own belongings, ask your mover how valuation covers self-packed items. For more information on valuation, take a look at video 3: How To Protect Your Valuable Belongings During Your Move.

    1. Be sure your new home is move-in ready

You certainly don’t want to be caught by surprise and arrive at a residence that you can not yet move in to. If this happens, you’ll likely face additional fees for more transit time as well as storage.

    1. Make sure you can pay in full for your move

Moving can be expensive, increase stress, and make even the most efficient of us extra busy as we prepare for the big day. With so much going on, it is easy to overlook how much is in the bank account. So, be sure you don’t get caught without adequate funds to pay for your move. You’ll need to have enough to pay 100 percent of the costs in a binding estimate or 110 percent of a non-binding estimate.

Movers may put your belongings in storage, and bill you for the privilege, if you are unable to pay in full upon move-in.

    1. Save your receipts for possible tax deductions

You may need to consult your accountant to find out if you are eligible or visit to learn more. One starting point could be this IRS publication regarding who can deduct moving expenses.

    1. Ask about the costs associated with moving heavy or bulky items

Washing machines, dryers, refrigerators are usually best left behind. If you have a boat or a recreation vehicle, consider renting a trailer and towing these vehicles.

Your moving consultant at Piepho Moving & Storage can always help you think through your moving costs and help you find ways to save money. We’re your local Allied Van Lines agent in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Mankato MN or La Crosse Wisconsin. You can reach us at 800-622-4515.

Best wishes for a safe and easy move!

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