10 Tips for Choosing Long-Distance Movers in St. Paul, MN

10 Tips for Choosing Long-Distance Movers in St. Paul, MN

March 12, 2024

Moving can be one of life’s most stressful events, especially when it involves long distances. Whether you’re relocating across state lines or gearing up for a cross-country adventure, the right moving company can make all the difference. At Piepho Moving & Storage, with our seven decades of experience and a network of trusted partners, we understand the intricacies of a successful move. Here, we share our insider knowledge to help you select a mover in St. Paul, MN, that you can trust implicitly with your belongings.

1. Check for Proper Licensing and Affiliations

Any reputable long-distance moving company should be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Look for their U.S. DOT number, and check their standing on the FMCSA website. Affiliations with established networks like Allied Van Lines indicate a level of professionalism and access to a nationwide network of resources.

Choosing a moving company without the proper credentials can lead to numerous complications, from legal issues to potential loss or damage of belongings. Verifying a mover’s U.S. DOT number not only affirms its legitimacy but also offers a way to track its performance history and compliance with safety regulations.

2. Experience Counts

Choose a company with a proven track record. Piepho Moving & Storage has been in the business since 1952, ensuring the safe relocation of thousands of households and businesses. Longevity in the moving industry is a sign of consistent service delivery and customer satisfaction.

For example, consider a family moving from St. Paul to a distant state, facing the complex logistics of coordinating school enrollment for their children while simultaneously managing a house sale. Piepho Moving & Storage, leveraging 70 years of experience, can anticipate and navigate these challenges, offering tailored advice and scheduling flexibility. This depth of experience ensures a smoother transition, minimizing disruptions to family life and work commitments.

Portrait of two movers unloading boxes.

3. Seek Transparent Quotes

A trustworthy mover will provide a detailed and transparent quote. Avoid companies that give vague estimates or refuse to conduct an in-home assessment. The more information you provide about your move, the more accurate your quote will be.

Transparency in pricing is crucial to avoid unexpected costs. A detailed quote should itemize services, from packing and loading to insurance and storage fees, allowing for an accurate comparison between companies. This clarity helps prevent disputes and ensures a fair, competitive price for services rendered.

4. Read Reviews and Testimonials

Customer feedback is invaluable. Look for companies with high ratings and positive reviews on independent websites. Testimonials can give you insights into a company’s reliability, communication, and quality of service.

Take the case of the Thompson family, who were anxious about moving their delicate heirlooms. After reading positive testimonials about Piepho Moving & Storage’s specialized packing techniques and careful handling, they felt reassured. One review highlighted how the company successfully transported an antique piano without a scratch, directly influencing the Thompsons’ decision to choose Piepho for their move.

5. Understand the Range of Services Offered

From packing and storage to special handling for delicate items, knowing what services a mover offers can significantly impact your moving experience. At Piepho, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to meet every need, ensuring a seamless transition to your new home.

Imagine a business needing to relocate an entire office, including fragile IT equipment and confidential records. Piepho offers a comprehensive moving plan that includes specialized packing for sensitive equipment, secure document transport, and even temporary storage solutions for items not immediately needed, ensuring the business remains operational throughout the move.

6. Evaluate Their Problem-Solving Skills

Ask potential movers how they handle unexpected issues or delays. Their response can give you a sense of their experience and flexibility. A good mover has strategies in place to tackle challenges efficiently.

Unpredictable weather, road closures, and other logistical hurdles can impact moving schedules. A moving company’s ability to quickly adapt and communicate alternative plans is essential for minimizing stress and keeping the move on track.

7. Insurance and Protection Plans

Ensure your chosen mover offers adequate insurance options. Moving companies are required by law to provide valuation coverage, but you may want to consider additional insurance for peace of mind.

Consider a scenario where a customer is moving valuable artwork. Understanding the risks, Piepho Moving & Storage advises on the best insurance coverage options, offering plans that cover the full value of the art pieces. This proactive approach provides the customer with peace of mind, knowing their valuable possessions are protected against unforeseen incidents.

Family Carrying Boxes Into New Home

8. Personal Move Coordinator

Having a single point of contact can greatly enhance your moving experience. At Piepho, every move is assigned a dedicated coordinator to manage the process from start to finish, providing personalized support and updates along the way.

Jennifer, relocating for a new job, was overwhelmed with the logistics of her cross-country move. Assigned a personal move coordinator from Piepho, she received customized planning assistance, including a detailed moving checklist, scheduling of packing services, and coordination with local utilities for service disconnections and reconnections in her new home. This personalized attention helped Jennifer manage her move without detracting from her professional responsibilities.

9. Community Reputation

A mover’s reputation within the community is a strong indicator of their reliability and quality of service. Piepho Moving & Storage is not just a service provider; we’re a part of the communities we serve, with a commitment to excellence that spans decades.

A mover’s engagement with local charities, events, and business organizations can be a testament to their commitment to the community. This involvement often correlates with a higher level of care and service, as local reputation is paramount.

10. Ask About Their Crew

The quality of the moving crew is just as important as the company’s reputation. Inquire about the experience, training, and background checks of the team members who will be handling your belongings.

A professional moving crew is critical for a stress-free move. Crew members should be adept at handling all types of belongings, from bulky furniture to fragile items, ensuring everything arrives in the same condition as it was packed. Moreover, courteous and punctual service reflects the company’s overall professionalism and respect for customers’ time and property.

Choosing the right long-distance mover in St. Paul, MN, doesn’t have to be daunting. By following these insider tips and doing your homework, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free move. At Piepho Moving & Storage, we’re more than just movers; we’re partners in your journey to a new beginning. Contact us today for a free quote and see how we can make your next move your best move yet.

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