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What Not To Pack When Moving

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Relocating to a new address is an exciting idea, but moving there involves a lot of planning and packing. Organizational experts when giving moving tips say that it’s a great opportunity to declutter your life and finally part ways with things that you don’t want or need anymore. So while knowing what to pack is […]

Best Packing Tips for Moving

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Packing efficiently and economically can save you time and money, and take the stress out of your move. Read on for some top packing tips to get your move off to the very best start. Declutter First The first step to packing up your personal belongings for a move should be to get rid of […]

Top 7 Tips for Hiring Movers

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Our Top 7 Tips for Hiring Movers – Hiring the right moving team is an important step towards moving success! So what should you look for in a moving team? Read on for some important points to consider.   Research Your Moving Company Take the time to research your moving company and ensure they are […]

Movers vs. Brokers

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Movers vs. Brokers – The Showdown. What are the Differences, Risks and Benefits? There is often some confusion concerning the difference between movers and brokers and their roles in assisting with your move. It’s important to understand there is actually a clear difference between the role of mover and broker. The Mover The mover is the […]

How to Choose The Best Storage Unit

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Need A Storage Unit? We can help you choose what is best! Renting a storage unit can be the ideal solution to many people in the process of moving, waiting for a new home to be built, or looking to downsize. Having a storage unit can enable you to enjoy more space in your home […]

Minneapolis Movers and Allied Van Lines agent Piepho Moving & Storage mover and driver shakes hands with residential moving clients for article on tipping movers

What You Need To Know About Tipping Movers

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Tipping Movers Do You Need To Tip Your Movers And If So, How Much? We recently got a great question from a Minneapolis customer with an upcoming local move. She asked if it is expected to tip movers, and if so how much should she tip each member of her moving crew? Here’s what you […]