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Stress-Free Relocations from Minnesota to Missouri

You do not have to make the 700+ mile trek from Minnesota to Missouri by yourself. Piepho Moving & Storage is the preferred Minnesota moving partner who takes you every mile of the way with stress-free and expert services. And, as proud Allied Van Line agents, we provide you access to their nationwide network of almost 500 agents alongside our attentive customer service and local expertise to make every mile seamless.

Minnesota to Missouri Moving Solutions For Homes And Businesses

We are just as comfortable helping you relocate your apartment as we are helping you transition your entire office or business to a distant Missouri location. No matter what size or type of move you have, we handle it with efficient time management, detail-oriented planning and zero stress for you. Don’t leave anything to chance. For more than 7 decades, we have relocated homes and businesses successfully. Let us do the same for you.

The first step in moving from Minnesota to Missouri with Piepho Moving & Storage is to get a FREE, IN-PERSON estimate from our experienced team. This accurate and reliable estimate will help you decide how to move forward with your residential or commercial relocation. Then, we match you with an experienced and professional Piepho team. This team will take over every detail of your move according to your requirements, achieving efficiency, prioritizing personalization, and removing any obstacles.

Here are just some of the outstanding services that we can provide our customers who are moving from Minnesota to Missouri:

  • Packing by trained, careful professionals
  • Use of the highest quality packing supplies
  • Thick, cushioned furniture pads
  • Custom crating for high-value items such as fine art, delicate pieces, or antiques
  • Eco-friendly focus – We will recycle your used packing materials and use trucks with better fuel economy
  • Tracking systems that show you the progress of your belongings
  • Safe, award-winning drivers and an outstanding customer service staff
  • Guaranteed delivery dates
  • Secure, climate-controlled storage in Minneapolis before the move

Long Distance Moving Customization From Minnesota to Missouri

Every move is different. That is why Piepho Moving & Storage offers you customized moving solutions from the first day you hire us until the very last box is unloaded. For more than 7 decades, we have relocated customers like you across the United States, including Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, New York, Illinois, and of course, Missouri. We are equipped with the expertise, the trucks, the tools, and the commitment to create a seamless long-distance move between Minnesota and Missouri. And we focus it all on meeting your needs throughout the entire process.


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